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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2015 Q1

Inside 2015 Q1
Volume 54 Number 1 January/February/March 
Tours, Exhibits and Conventions
4	Grand Indonesian Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition by Tom Elias, USA
45	2015 BCI Convention and the 12th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Viewing Stone Convention and Exhibition: Guangzhou, China
48	National Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition 2014 in Germany Text and photos by Gudrun Benz, Germany
54	2nd Annual Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo, North Carolina, USA by Owen Reich, USA
16	Continuum A Year in the Japanese Bonsai World, Directed by Bjorn Bjorholm Interview by Joe Grande, Canada
29	Our Fascination with Forests: Creating a bonsai forest with the Genotti method by Danilo Scursatone, Italy
34	A Comparison of Mojave Desert and Gobi Desert Viewing Stones by Tom Elias & Hanne Povlsen, USA
People & Collections
23	Bonsai Art of Bjorn Bjorholm
42	My Friend Francois Jeker: a multifaceted artist by Solita D.T. Rosade, USA
41	Botany for Gardeners: Third Edition written and illustrated by Brian Capon by Lew Buller, USA
64	Hua Fong Bonsai Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan by Malcolm Hughes, UK
68	2014 Orchid and Bonsai Competition & Exhibition: Malaysia by IS Ng, Malaysia