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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2014 Q1


NSIDE 2014 Q1

Volume 53 number 1

Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

25    BCI Tour Australia 2014 Post-convention Tour

42    National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia

        By Leigh Taafe, Australia

46    Taikan-ten Impressions of The Grandview Bonsai Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan

        By Owen Reich, USA

People & Collections

4      The 50-Year Journey of an American Bonsai Pioneer;
Bill Valavanis’ love affair with bonsai

        By Marc Arpag, USA

12    Bonsai Artistry and a Passion for Stones in the Garden State;
An Interview with Martin Schmalenberg

        By Joe Grande, Canada

20    New Bonsai Museum of Baosheng Garden

        By Tom Elias, USA

35    In Memory of Mary Holmes Bloomer

        By Donna Banting, USA

Featured Species

32    Black Pine; Strength and Beauty

        By Danilo Scursatone, Italy


28    Good, better, best! Refining a Coastal Banksia.

        By Grant Bowie, Australia

36    The Renaissance of an Old Pine; When a Shakan Became a Han Kengai

        By Mauro Stemberger, Italy


59    Keshiki Bonsai: The Easy Modern Way to Create Miniature Landscapes

        By Michael Collins-McIntyre, Canada


61    Bonsai and Stone News; Bonsai Exhibition by Bonsai Study Group of The Indo-Japanese Association; BCI Award of Excellence at the Toronto Bonsai Society’s fall Bonsai Show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens; Chicago Horticultural Society Seeking Curator