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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2013 Q2


Inside 2013 Q2

Volume 52 number 2


Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

4     XIV Noelanders Trophy 2013; Two reports by Gudrun Benz, Germany and Kath Hughes, UK.

36   First Puerto Rico National Bonsai Festival, by Pedro J. Morales, Puerto Rico.


17   A Portrait of Bonsai as a Young Russian; by Andrei Bessonov, Russia, and Joe Grande, Canada.

Feature Articles

28   Petrified Wood as Viewing Stones, by Tom Elias, USA.

34   Celestial Viewing Stones, by Michael Collins-McIntyre, Canada, and Daniel Berringer, Brazil.

42   From Russia with Love; An interview with Mihail Blagoveschensky, Russia, by Chiara Padrini, Italy.

46   Adrian Long, A Talent for Overcoming Adversity by Kath Hughes, UK.

52   Appreciating Beauty in a Modern World; Wabi Sabi & Bonsai, by Danilo Scursatone, Italy, and Joe Grande, Canada.


20   Naka Goes Hawaiian! Part III, by David Fukumoto, Hawaii, USA.


40   Found a Friend, A Short Story by Guillermo CastaƱo R., Mexico.


49   Penjing: The Chinese Art of Bonsai, by Qingquan, Zhao, by Michael Collins-McIntyre, Canada.


58   Update on; State of the BCI Website

59   Bonsai and Stone News