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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2012 Q4


Inside 2012 Q4

Volume 51 number 4


Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

5     Visions of the American West;A Bonsai Milestone in the Mile High City by Joe Grande

30   Arcobonsai; the 27th National Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition by Emilio Capozza

58   BCI VIP China Tour; Post BCI 2013 International Bonsai Convention in Yangzhou by Lindsay Bebb

Feature Articles

24   Suzuki & Smith; Renowned Daiza Carvers by Tom Elias & Hiromi Nakaoji

42   Bonsai in Autumn by Danilo Scursatone

46   The Terroir of Daniel Berringer’s Agate Viewing Stones by Michael Collins-McIntyre


37   Why can’t we grow a pine in the living room? Abiotic factors in bonsai, from chilling to wiring by Enrique Castaño de la Serna


15   The Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society; A Unique History by Patrick B. Allen, and Harold Sasaki

16   Hu Leguo; Chinese bonsai master and Lifetime Achievement Award winner by Zhao Qingquan and Wen Dao Li

19   50 Years of Fukumoto Bonsai and Our BCI Connection by David W. Fukumoto


4     BCI Magazine Survey Results by Tom Elias

22   Celebrate BCI 50th Anniversary; special Edition of Kusamono Pots by Joan Greenway

61   BCI Awards of Excellence-USA

62   List Your Event on the BCI Website by Ian Glew


63   Calendar of Events, compiled by Alan Walker