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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2012 Q2


Inside 2012 Q2

Volume 51 number 2


Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

4     Grand Bonsai Tour; Japan, by Rob Kempinski

7     Visions of the American West, 2012 ABS/BCI Symposium in Denver, Colorado, USA

10   Pre-Convention Tour, Visions of the American West, by Paul Gilbert

14   Noelanders Trophy XIII, International Bonsai Show, by Christian Vos

44   ASPAC 2011: Takamatsu, Japan, by Kath Hughes

Feature Articles

24   Bonsai Journal: Africa, by Jerry Meislik

32   Reconnect and Reenergize through Stones & Tea, by Joseph Roussel

49   Shitakusa & Kusamono, Companion plants in bonsai & in the garden, Part 2 by Danilo Scursatone


36  Southern boxwood hides its true potential, by Mauro Stemberger

40   Styling a Spruce at Bonsai Autumn, Switzerland, by Budi Sulistyo


54   21 x 21, the bonsai art of Paolo Licari, Sicily, by Massimo Bandera

59   BCI Awards of Excellence in Japan, USA, Belgium and Canada


61   BCI Bonsai & Stone News and Book Reviews


63   Calendar of Events; compiled by Alan Walker