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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2011 Q4


Inside 2011 Q4

Volume 50 number 4


Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

4     Highlights from Bonsai in the Bluegrass,2011 ABS/BCI Symposium in Louisville, USA

44   Come Together, Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs 2011 Convention by Ian Glew, Australia

52   Visions of the American West, 2012 ABS/BCI Symposium in Denver, Colorado, USA

Feature Articles

16   Yellow Wax Stones of Southern China, from the collections of Huang Jiuwei, Xie Rongyao, and Lin Nan by Thomas S. Elias and Huang Jiuwei, USA

22   Made in Carignano, Bonsai from the collection of Giovanni Genotti, by Danilo Scursatone, Italy

28   Songhua Stones, Another Wonder of China by Chiara Padrini, Italy

38   The Discreet Charm of Les Allen’s stone collection by Chiara Padrini, Italy


33   Joshua Roth New Talent Competition at Bonsai in the Bluegrass by Jack Douthitt, USA

56   The Beautiful Face of Ugly, Pinus sylvestris, by Mauro Stemberger, Italy


62   BCI Bonsai & Stone News


64   Calendar of Events; compiled by Alan Walker