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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2011 Q3


Inside 2011 Q3

Volume 50 number 3


Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

4     Best of British Bonsai, 2011 Spring Bonsai Exhibition and Convention in Birmingham, by Kath and Malcolm Hughes

16   Shenzhen; A Rising Center for Stone Appreciation in China, by Tom Elias

20   Japan Tour: Asia Pacific Convention (ASPAC) in Takamatsu and the annual Taikan-ten exhibition in Kyoto

40   Korean American Soosuk Club; 18th Annual Exhibition, by Jack Dennis

Feature Articles

24   Shunka-en; Kunio Kobayashi’s Bonsai Museum, by Willi Benz

32   Birth of a Passion; Stones from the Collection of Carlos Gusi Zaidin,by Chiara Padrini

48   2011 BCI Photo Competition Winners and Finalists


36   Time & a Jin; the Process of Naturalization, by Massimo Bandera

54   Great Expectations; Bald Cypress Project Trees, by Ian Glew

57   Focus; Tedy Boy on Bonsai, by Tedy Boy and Michael Collins-McIntyre


19   In Gratitude to Willi Benz by Paul Gilbert


46   BCI Bonsai & Stone News, by Thomas S. Elias


64   Calendar of Events;compiled by Alan Walker