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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2011 Q1


Inside 2011 Q1

Volume 50 number 1

January/February/March 2011

Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

04   Memories of China and 2010 BCI Convention in Tianjin by Robert Kempinski with comments from Ian Glew and Willem Pretorius

14   Bonsai in America; 2010 US National Exhibition; photos by Bill Valavanis

18   6th Liuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival by Tom Elias

24   V Bonsai Competition, Madrid, Spain by Luis Vallejo Bonsai Studio

30   Bonsai in the Blue Grass: Program and Instructors’ Profiles

37   Bonsai in the Blue Grass: Instructor Spotlight—Min Hsuan Lo

38   Japan Tour: Asia Pacific Convention (ASPAC) in Takamatsu and the annual Taikan-ten exhibition in Kyoto

Feature Articles

42   The Suseok by Chiara Padrini

52   Suiseki in Vietnam by Chiara Padrini

58   Bark in Bonsai by Giacomo Pappalardo


46   Bucida Spinosa: Bonsai Gold from the Caribbean by Enrique Castaño de la Serna


51   Bonsai Friendship Exchange

Awards and Competitions

17   BCI Award of Excellence

55   Certre Winners 2010

Book Review

63   Chrysanthemum Stones by Thomas Elias and Hiromi Nakaoji

64   Calendar of Events compiled by Alan Walker