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As the bonsai aesthetic­â€”so profoundly associated with Japanese culture in the West—blossoms all over the world, early adopters in many countries have, and are, evolving the art form by creating bonsai from the plants that thrive in their climate, in styles that reflect their geography and culture. What we have in common, is the passion and creativity so essential to bonsai creation, education and presentation. Another common thread is the effort, planning and hard work of the organizations and volunteers that bring people together in the joyful spirit of bonsai and stone appreciation. In this issue, we celebrate this passion with reports and articles from authors with a deep commitment to their art and enthusiasm for sharing their experiences with our readers. 

The International Bonsai Convention in Mysore, India, demonstrates how bonsai enthusiasts are developing beautiful bonsai from nursery-grown material. Yamadori are not an option in India because wild areas are protected and out-of-bounds to bonsai collectors. 

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