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Tree of the Month

 mod tom 10-16 wisteria
Wisteria floribunda, Japanese Wisteria
Tobie Kleynhans Collection, South Africa
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of the Month
  home mod tree

Stone of the Month

mod tom 10-16 gilbert
Minamoto no Yoritomo, Fossilized wood
Paul Gilbert Collection, USA
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of the Month
  home mod stone

 Tree of the Month 2015-07

Mangle, Conocarpus erectus

Enrique Castaño Collection

Buttonwood, Conocarpus erectus
designed by Enrique Castaño
Slanting style
45 cm/17.7 inches
Container; Japanese


 Ficus Tsiela

Ficus Tsiela

Shankar Chanda Collection

designed by Shankar Chanda, India
Twin trunk
60 cm

 Tree of the Month September 2015

Gingko biloba

Danilo Scursatone Collection

Designed by Danilo Scursatone, Italy
Bonsai Style: Chokkan
Height: 60
Container: Yzing

This Ginkgo biloba was grown in an open field. While it was growing there, the plant was pruned and shaped to become a bonsai. When it reached maturity it was transplanted in a bonsai pot in a formal upright style with its shape refined like a “flame” according to the natural behavior of the tree. The photograph shows the ginko in autumn, its leaf color suggestive of the season.

 Eagles Landing, rocky mountain juniper

Eagle's Landing, Juniperus scopulorum

The Blanton Collection, USA

Designed by Ryan Neil

Eagle’s Landing is estimated to be 450 years old and its origin is Rocky Mountains, species Juniperus scopulorum. It has been in training for 4 years and the container is Modern Chinese. It measures 31 inches tall by 34 inches wide. Mike Blanton owned, loved, and cared for this Rocky Mountain Juniper until he passed away in 2013. He showed it one time in 2012 at the Nashville Bonsai Society’s Regional Show. This picture was made at that show.


Wrightia religiosa

Water Jasmine, Wrightia religiosa
Carlos A. Morales Collection 

In the year 2001, I started a water jasmine from a cutting. I was intrigued if I could make a bonsai from it. I cultivated it from pot to pot until reaching a 15 gallon nursery pot. Since my knowledge of bonsai at that moment was primitive, I just let it grow without any styling. When the trunk got thicker I started to style it.

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